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‘Contracted’ Support

Our target contracted client is typically an intense user of IT technology in a mainly Mac environment but who is too small to have a full time IT department - we fill that gap by providing the necessary skills to support the infrastructure up to Application level thereby leaving the computer user to do what he is best, illustration etc.

We effectively become your IT Department and as such we are not only able to support your existing installation but we can make and implement recommendations to maximise its efficiency and your ROI. We assist in the preparation of planning and budgets for the future to keep your spend cost effective and your installation as future proof as possible.

1   We carry out a preliminary site survey to determine your network infrastructure; internet connectivity and security; server-side systems such as e-mail, shared databases etc; file servers; backup devices and regimes; workstations; peripherals such as printers, scanners etc plus any other relevant information.

2   We then prepare a report with our immediate observations on the system and make any recommendations we consider require urgent attention as well as those which are ‘nice to have’ This report will include for the costs of any hardware or software required plus an estimate of the time required to carry out agreed installations and upgrades.

3   We will also propose the terms for ongoing maintenance and support which will include regular site visits as well as 24/7 telephone and remote support (both subject to ‘reasonable use’) which will all be in accordance with our Standard Terms and Conditions. We will determine the levels of support required based upon the installation as well as an estimation of the likely calls upon iSupportMac via telephone. We all know that computers sense the panic of a pitch being ‘put to bed’ at 10:00 pm on Sunday night and it’s nice to know you still have access to professional technical support!